National Community Radio Forum

Building an enabling environment and a coherent sector identity.
Ensuring continued healthy growth of community radio in South Africa.


National Governance

A National Executive Committee elected at the National Conference governs the NCRF. The NEC currently is composed of 11 members, and after the constitution was amended during the national Policy Conference in November 2015 the National Executive Committee was changed to the Central Executive Committee we shall include chairpersons of all nine NCRF provinces. The NCRF policy is that the all structures should be composed of a 50:50 or 60:40 gender ratios.

Our work is to build an enabling environment and a coherent sector identity, ensuring continued healthy growth of community radio in South Africa.  We do this by:      

  1. setting standards for the sector and monitoring implementation
  2. providing information and advice to membership
  3. representing the collective interests of members
  4. Creating collective content production plans , programmes and promotion of local content .
  5. creating structures and systems that encourage community radio stations to share experiences, skills, best practice models and resources
  6. coordinating capacity building in the sector
  7. lobbying and advocacy, to promote and protect the sector
  8. Forging strategic alliances and partnerships with key stakeholders to facilitate delivery of services, resources, funding and support to both members and the sector."

Provincial Structures

At provincial level, the aim is to establish a central office that is owned by the collective of stations through a Provincial Committee in each province. At each there is a Coordinator who works closely with Provincial Executive Committee. The main task of this body is to ensure that there is delivery through usage of local resources and co-ordination of programmes and projects of the NCRF.

Free State

Name Position Gender
Mank Tsahletsi  Provincial Chairperson Female
Tebello Mosala Provincial Secretary Male

Northern Cape

Name Position Gender
Garth Demarel Provincial Chairperson Male
Thabang Pusoyabone Provincial Secretary Male

Western Cape

Name Position Gender
Rachel Watson  Provincial Chairperson Female
Mthetheli Wellem Provincial Secretary Male

North West

Name Position Gender
Tsholofelo Moepeng Provincial Chairperson Male
Kealeboga Mooba Provincial Secretary Female


Name Position Gender
Modjadji Mphela Provincial Chairperson female
Mpho Raphahlela Provincial Secretary Male 


Name Position Gender
Mduduzi Zulu  Provincial Chairperson Male
Carol Kintu  Provincial Secretary Female


Name Position Gender
Kedibone Mahapa Convener Female
Mpho Mhlongo Cordinator Male 

Eastern Cape

Name Position Gender
Vuyelwa Mdazana Provincial Chairperson Female
Xola Nozewu Provincial Secretary Male

KwaZulu Natal

Name Position Gender
Simon Ntsele Provincial Chairperson Male
Muzi Sibiya Provincial Secretary Male 



The NCRF has 7 strategic Programme areas that guide its projects. These Programmes are in line with the NCRF’s Vision 2025 strategic plan. Vision 2025 seeks to put community radio at the centre of development communications in the changing South Africa. The Programmes are:

  • Quality Programming
  • Sustainability and Income Generation
  • Communications
  • Capacity-Building/Training
  • Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Development
  • Advocacy and Lobbying
  • Eradication of volunteer system and creation of decent jobs

Quality Programming

Facilitation of programming networks to encourage stations to produce and share quality programmes with each other. Partnerships are developed with community organisations, government departments and private sector stakeholders to encourage participatory programme-making that should result in relevant programmes that serve the needs of the community. It is through this programme that community radio is positioning itself as a tool for development.

Sustainability and Income Generation

Mechanisms for income generation are developed so that community radio is sustainable financially. The NCRF has set up an investment company that looks after all business interests, and creates income for the programmes of the community radio sector.


Information is power, and the NCRF believes that at all stages the members should be informed of what is happening. Equally important is the ability to communicate our work to all stakeholders who have an interest in the community radio sector. An up-to-date website and a monthly newsletter form part of the communications tools used by the NCRF.


Community radio has a role to play in the skills development of the country. We are proud that over 100 professional journalists and media managers have cut their teeth in the community radio sector. We have partnership with several NGO training service providers who organise and run short courses to capacitate the community radio sector personnel.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Development

The challenge for the community radio sector is that of understanding and better utilising new technologies to meet its objectives. Digital audio recording and editing enhance sound quality, administration softwares improve management, web sites build profile, satellite and Internet technologies make it easier to communicate between different stations and communities. Our satellite audio-sharing project, called SACRIN (South African Community Radio Information Network) has connected South African stations with stations around the world. The new community information centres, such as government Multi-Purpose Community Centres (MPCCs), telecentres and digital villages are seeking partnerships with community radio stations to bring information to the doorsteps of all South Africans. The NCRF sees these community ICT projects, and Community Electronic Multimedia projects that combine audio, text, photographs, video and Internet – as the way forward for a sustainable sector.

Advocacy and Lobbying

The challenges and opportunities posed by the rapid evolution of the broadcasting and telecommunications sector require the community radio sector to do research. But research alone does not challenge unpopular policy decisions, so a strong strategy to lobby and advocate for an enabling environment for the community radio sector is important.

Eradication of Volunteer system and creation of decent job opportunities

In recent times the sector have generally used volunteers as presenters and this effort in many instances have achieved a huge success and in other instances it created a very difficult relationships and conditions where others are the biggest losses who have families to look and take care of , and others are biggest winners  because they take all.

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