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AMARC 11th General Assembly

The National Secretary of the NCRF South African Community Radio Association will be leading the delegation to Accra Ghana on the 09th August joining the world community broadcasters , for the Amarc 11th general Assembly.

NCRF believes that South African Community broadcasting sector remain highly competitive In a globalized world, interconnected and interdependent but disjointed and imbalanced, Community Radio continues to play an unparalleled role in bringing a crucial diversity of voices, worldviews and values to the global discourse. However, it is also necessary for Community Radio to respond ever more constructively and strategically to constantly evolving politico-economic, communication and geo-social scenarios and their inherent challenges and opportunities.

To celebrate as well as strengthen the capacity of Community Radio in responding to multiple dualities, the 11th World Conference of AMARC (AMARC 11) will focus on the following themes: (1) Community Radio, holistic security and sustainable development; (2) Community Radio, culture and identity security and (3) Community Radio, conflict and institutional security AMARC 11 will be hosted by the Ghana Community Radio Network, GCRN. AMARC 11 - an open and participatory event - will bring together more than 200 community broadcasters and stakeholders from over 100 countries in all regions of the world. It will be a place to reflect on the growth of community media worldwide and to respond, through international solidarity, to the challenges that we continue to face in creating new forms of popular communication.

The AMARC11 conference will include, among other issues, sharing of good practice in community media; advocacy to improve media policies, laws and regulations; joint action through community media for social justice, gender equity and a sustainable planet; knowledge sharing on the use of new communication tools and technologies; strategies to empower and support communities faced with conflict, emergency and disaster

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